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    Brand Owner Proposition
    App for independently owned retailers & community database solution
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    The My Perfect Shop App
    App provides many benefits for Brand Owners

My Perfect Shop helps brands sell more through presentation of the right products in the right outlets.

The My Perfect Shop App

What is it?

An App developed specifically for Independent Retailers that helps them make more money from selling the right products, presented in the right way to help them sell more to the communities they serve, on the shopping missions unique to their outlet.

Benefits for Brand Owners

Cost effective way to directly talk to retailers about their brand and deliver sales objectives in Convenience, Impulse & Foodservice.
Targeted activation at the retailers who you want to sell your products.

Community Database Solution

What is it?

A comprehensive database of all the communities in the UK by socio-demographic group, with a validated list of all the retail outlets by type and fascia mapped onto these communities to provide the most accurate visibility of target consumers and the outlets that serve them.

Brands can use this to:

Ensure they are talking to their target consumer, where they live and work.
Optimise their sales efforts through prioritised lists of outlets to target field sales, van sales or other resources.
Recommend core ranges to meet the shopping mission of the outlet for the communities it serves.
Develop community level, hyper-local marketing campaigns to win with target consumers & optimise marketing spend.